A massive thank you for being such amazing gym coaches. You guys have been instrumental in my journey towards becoming a stronger, healthier version of myself. Your constant guidance, patience, and those extra motivational pushes have made a world of difference. It's not just about lifting weights or doing exercises; it's about the incredible support and encouragement you bring to each session.You've made exercise feel like more than just a routine; it's become a part of my life that I genuinely enjoy!
Brilliant service, staff friendly and welcoming, disability friendly too. Great value for money, lovely people would go again. Highly recommend!
Amazing gym, great training environment and excellent PT instructors!
Just joined and enjoying it so far. Luke and Ana are both very professional yet personable. Excited to start my fitness journey there and the fitness check has given me a really good understanding of my starting point. Lots of classes and great space.
I've been a member at this gym for a few years now and it's by far the best gym I've ever been to. The trainers are great, the classes are amazing and the community feel is real. If, like me, you're not naturally an exercise fanatic, don't worry because you'll soon find yourself looking forward to the classes. I honestly cannot recommend this gym enough!
I joined Inferno Fitness on the personal training membership. The gym has a personal feel to it. The people are friendly and all the coaches and staff are super helpful. The gym has great floor space and a good variety of equipment.
I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone with all abilities. It is much better than the mainstream gyms!
I have been training here for a while now, and it is the best gym I have ever been to. The trainers make you feel so comfortable, the classes are excellent and effective and fun at the same time. The whole environment is such a cool space and it feels like being at home when you are there. I love this gym and it has helped with my mental and physical health. I would recommend this gym to anyone!!
Inferno is a real gem of a local gym, with dedicated passionate instructors on hand, excellent 1:1 PT instruction available, a range of classes and off the shelf programmes to train against.
ShiiTr class is great! 3 high intensity workouts that get your heart rate up. The variety of the workouts means there is a different focus on each one, meaning you need to concentrate on what you are doing which helps distract you from how hard you are working! As always Luke explains the exercises thoroughly and encourages throughout the class.
Hybrid class pushed me out of my comfort zone at the beginning of the class on the squat rack, but that's really useful and gives me the confidence to get back on the squat rack on my own as well, having not done that sort of thing in a few years. Met con session at the end really good too, felt like it balanced out the class a bit and left me shattered which is always a good sign of a class!
Friday morning strength is the simply awesome, I absolutely love it. There is always a great mix of Inferno members and the class is run by a coach that I know many of us admire for their own recent achievements too. They are clearly passionate about getting everyone in the class to challenge and better themselves, whilst ensuring we all have some fun too! 10/10.