Read why our members love the Inferno way.
Read why our members love the Inferno way


I've struggled for many years to lose the weight after having my last child,I worked out regularly but wasn't seeing results,I was very stressed as I couldn't understand why my body wasn't changing..then I heard about lukes '21 day fat loss' which has changed my life.

It all started on 30th of may..I was scared but really excited..we had a meeting and met the rest of T21..after a long brief I was ready for the journey to begin! Getting threw the first day 'fasting' day was probably the hardest day of all.

Luke was on hand anytime of day to offer help and support..before you knew it week one was done! I could feel the changes almost immediately! I felt more energised and for the first time in many years a lot less stressed!

My sleep improved and I started to feel more focused,the second week came and went with more cms going! By week 3 I felt more leaner and a lot fitter..classes were hard but luke pushed you to reach your goals..having the rest of T21 with you was very encouraging.

Day 21 and it's all journey has been incredible!! I've lost cms and my stress levels have dropped massively..I can not thank luke enough and I'm looking forward to phase 2!

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I've just completed the Inferno Fitness 21 Jump Start to fat loss. This was a very big thing for me because I am not in any way, shape or form a 'gym person'. I have at least 70kgs of weight to lose, I haven't exercised in a very long time and the idea of putting myself 'out there' in the middle of a gym was terrifying! So it was with trepidation and extreme discomfort that I agreed to join this class at the behest of a very loving friend who cared enough to realise it would be the right step for me. Luke, our trainer, was always positive, consistent, encouraging and always knew when I had a little more to give when my instinct was to stop and flee! And the gym itself is a positive place ? I never felt out of place or felt anyone was judging me which was always a fear of mine. My group could not have been more kind and caring and such a fun source of support ? we still all talk every day!

The detox nutritional phase was an eye-opener and it was amazing to see how different my body felt in the mornings, usually well rested (with sore muscles!) and my energy levels were always consistent and didn't do their usual up and down that I was accustomed to.

At Inferno I never felt like just another body, I was, and am, part of something that is helping me become the person I've been wanting to be for a long time. I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity and excited to be starting Phase 2 soon. I may not have been a 'gym person' going in but there is no turning back anymore as I've had a taste of how good it feels. I have big personal goals that I am going to achieve with the help of Luke and Inferno Fitness and I hope I can encourage someone else who isn't a 'gym person' to come by and have a look at how Inferno Fitness can help you achieve what you didn't think was possible.

PS the music you workout too is fabulous too ;-)

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When the opportunity arose I jumped at the chance. For many years I have been struggling to actually see all the hardwork that I had been putting in at the gym. So 'T21 Fat loss' was going to be the best way to shred some of the 42 year old fat and see a bit of body definition.

The program seemed daunting on day one, but once I had sorted my head into food, exercise and mental health, things seemed to make a lot more sense.

After week one a felt a different person, no bloating, sleeping better and all in all happier about being me.

Week two, more of the same. Waist shrinking, face thinning and starting to notice all other parts of my fat hotspots starting to melt away.

Week three, the best. People at work, family and friends all commenting on how good I was looking in their eyes.

So, with seeing the results in the mirror and of all the compliments, it has got me hooked on this 'fat loss' programme at Inferno and I have signed up and raring to go with Phase 2.

The journey has only just begun and the once seemingly unrealistic goals that I had for myself, now actually seem possible!


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Well where do I start? I used to exercise almost every day and played competitive netball and badminton, until I fell pregnant. I continued to exercise until I was about 7 months pregnant and then completely stopped, until a few months ago (my little one was 19 months by then and I was 30kg heavier).

I slowly started doing Personal Training Sessions once a week, but I was struggling to get in the right headspace and could not motivate myself to go to the gym more than once or twice a week. My amazing Personal Trainer and now friend, Sadie, suggested that I do the 21 day Fat Loss Programme with Luke.

I was initially excited about the opportunity and then scared about the level of exercise it entailed - I was still very unfit. However to my surprise although the exercise was a big part of the Programme it became the smallest part..... I needed have worried as Luke pushed us hard to reach our potential but also gave us kind words when we needed it. The 21 day Fat Loss Programme turned out to be a holistic approach to me as a being.

Apart from exercise we had daily guidance around food, encouragement to meditate and take up a hobby and advice around supplements. I also had wonderful support from the rest of the T21 family. This has been an amazing experience and I feel very privilege to have had the opportunity to take part in it. I have developed a better work life balance, I sleep better, I feel more chilled, I am fitter, I have a lot more energy and my gut is happy. The cherry on top is that I started to loose kg and also lots of cm around my waist and hips. There is still a long way to go before I am happy with my body, but I have made a great start and look forward to phase 2 of the Programme.

Thank you so much Luke, you are an awesome (and sadistic at times) Boss Man!

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Journey to become a Bikini Athlete at the age of 47.

A lot has changed in the past year as I?m writing this, early December 2015, as this time last year I was merely toying with the idea of trying a bikini completion. I?m a mum of 3 young children and almost 48 now, but have always dreamed of having abs, so what better motivation than to enter a bikini competition! I am also a successful powerlifter (British Champion M1 52kg cat), so had reasonable muscle tone under the fat. So, together with my coach, Luke Stapleton of Inferno Fitness, we began to prep early January 2015 with some bodybuilding style training together with my strength training.

My 1 st competition was Hercules Olympia in May 2015, where I won the Masters Bikini and placed 4th in a line-up of 16 beautiful women. Getting the confidence to get on stage was hard. I?m naturally a very introvert person, but after training and dieting so hard, I knew I?d earnt my place on that stage, and had to tell myself I was a winner just by getting up there. All the competitors were also very friendly and supportive of each other, especially us newbies!

Training ? The main focus was weights, with a bit of a mix of strength and hypertrophy. Compound exercises such as the squat, deadlifts and bench press helped tone my body evenly. The newest part for me was HIIT 2x a week and body conditioning at least once a week. Fasted cardio also played a part in the initial fat loss. Id train 1-2 x a day, with at least one rest day. There were days that I really didn?t want to train, but I was motivated and kept telling myself that I could do it.

Diet ? This was the hardest part. Gone was the breakfast cereals, gone was the lunchtime sandwich and crisps. At 5 foot 2 and 53kg I was by no means fat! We started on a 2 week no carb diet focusing on 6 small meals a day based around protein ( all meats, fish, eggs, poultry) and healthy fats (nuts, coconut oil, avocado), then dropped to 1 week no carbs with one cheat meal a week. My weight soon dropped to 49kg and abs started to appear. After 6-8 weeks of this we then started to cycle carbs around my training ? carbs being oats, quinoa, sweet potato and brown rice.

Competitions ? After Hercules I went on to do the Rob Reinaldo Classic, placed 3 rd , and got an invite to Mr/Ms Universe in Tenerife! That was last weekend, where I competed in the open category. I didn?t place but learnt so much. Competing for your country in an open category against girls in their 20s was a bit scary, but I knew the UK had chosen me for a reason. I learnt so much from the oultyexperience. My biggest downfall wasn?t my physique but posing which I will be working on with a coach in January.

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Since starting training with Luke at Inferno Fitness I have broken through plateaus and pulled numbers I only used to dream about. Luke took the time to analyse my form and technique before designing my powerlifting training plan. He has helped me find the confidence to take accountability to work on my weaknesses which has increased my overall strength. Luke monitors my progress and gives me feedback as well as making mid phase modifications as I progress and the variables change.

In our weekly training sessions Luke does an amazing job of reading how I am feeling on that day and adapting his approach to help me achieve maximum results week in and week out. I will always leave the gym with a smile on my face knowing that I am one step closer to my powerlifting goals.

I have trained at others gym and a huge factor in moving to Inferno Fitness and training with Luke was the really welcoming atmosphere from the team and members, such a great array of equipment and Luke's experience in strength and conditioning coaching and training.

I would highly recommend Luke to anyone serious about strength training and powerlifting.

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Fabulous course to get your children involved in a healthy active lifestyle. My children look forward to the classes and are always eager to share what they have learned. In addition, it's a great supplement to their respective sports because it provides additional strength and conditioning as well as coaching on functional movement. I highly recommend the academy!